About Michele

The process was created through the trial and error of extensive experimentation.  Each piece of artwork is created using a many layered process, with several types of mixed media. As in nature, each work has an organic and fluid quality, with refracting and reflective colors. This can be observed on the water's surface, while being in, on or by any body of water.  

The Water & Human connection: This body of work has fluidity through movement and color, representing the organic form of water. The viewer is invited to interact with the artwork, while observing their visceral, emotional and spiritual thoughts and from there, to take those sensory observations into their daily environmental surroundings, while being in, on, around, under and by the water. As water is a part of our human molecular form, both water and humans have an unspoken bond of communication, which is ever changing and affects each other's rhythmic flow from external and internal sources. Reflective at times, deep or surface level, reactive or calm, flowing or stagnant, soft or hard, all represent both the human and water forms, which shape themselves, depending upon their surroundings of internal and outward circumstances. This body of work, like water, allows the viewer to connect with their inner water source, and experience their own personal relationship with water.